Americans Are Asking, ‘Where Are the Jobs?,’ President Is Making It Harder to Find One |

WASHINGTON, DC – At a his weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) talked about how the president continues to pursue policies that are hurting the economy and leaving Americans still asking the question, “Where are the jobs?”  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

On the New Normal of Slow Growth & Stagnant Wages in the Obama Economy:

“Tomorrow we’re going to get another jobs report and it’s expected to be disappointing – again.  The truth is, Americans don’t need a new report to tell them what they already know.  This is not what an economic recovery feels like.

“Under this president, we’ve settled into a new normal of slow growth, too few jobs, and stagnant wages.  I don’t think we should settle for this. There are things that we can do right now: more American exports, more energy production, a more simple tax code, education and skills training, how about less red tape, just to name a few.”

On the President’s Misguided Policies Making It Harder for the Private Sector to Grow & Create Jobs:

“But this week, the president released his budget and showed us his big ideas: higher spending, higher taxes, and another hike in the minimum wage.  As a former small business owner and someone who’s worked on this issue for a long time, you just have to shake your head.

“What I’ve long said is that raising the minimum wage destroys jobs – and that was confirmed last week by the Congressional Budget Office – at least 500,000 jobs would be lost, maybe as many as a million.  

“What Americans are asking is, ‘where are the jobs?’ The president wants to make it harder for people to find one. It really makes no sense at all.”

On House Republicans’ Ongoing Fight to Protect All Americans from the President’s Health Care Law:

“One of the things that weighs down this economy is the president’s health care law.  That’s why this week we passed another targeted strike on the law with nearly 30 Democrats voting with us.  This is about providing fairness for all, giving families the same break from the law’s mandates that big businesses are getting.

“The truth is you can’t fix this law – it needs to be torn out by its roots.  You may be tired of hearing about this, but as long as this law is around and making things worse, we’re going to keep fighting it.”