Bipartisan Budget Act Is Good For Our Troops & Good For Taxpayers |

WASHINGTON, DC – At his last press conference with GOP leaders, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) touted the Bipartisan Budget Act, legislation that will protect our economy and reduce our deficit, strengthen our national security, and make long-term reforms to the nation’s entitlement programs:

“Having listened to our members, and listened to the American people, we have a budget agreement.  This agreement will protect our economy and reduces the deficit.  It secures more long-term entitlement reforms.  It strengthens our national security and brings more certainty to next year’s appropriations process.  It protects more Americans from ObamaCare and rejects all of the tax increases as proposed by the administration.  The agreement isn’t perfect by any means, but the alternative was a ‘clean’ debt ceiling increase without any additional support for our troops and without any entitlement reforms.  So this is a good deal for our troops, for taxpayers, and for the American people.”

Text of the Bipartisan Budget Act
Section-by-Section Summary of the Bipartisan Budget Act
Details on the Bipartisan Budget Act, as provided by Speaker Boehner in remarks this morning to members of the House Republican Conference.