Boehner: “Appalling” that President Obama, Democratic Leaders Oppose Basic Fairness for American Families |

WASHINGTON, DC – At his weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) took President Obama and Democratic leaders to task for opposing two House-passed measures that provide basic fairness for American families by extending to them the same reprieve from ObamaCare’s mandates that the president is unilaterally extending to big businesses.  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

“Fairness is a basic tenet of our society.  And it is the bare minimum the American people should expect from their government.  But, too often, under this president, they aren’t seeing it.

“Young people don’t think it’s fair that student loan rates doubled for no reason other than a bunch of Democrats bickering with each other.  There’s no fairness when IRS employees are getting promotions and bonuses after they’ve illegally targeted conservative groups.  And it’s not fair that in a stagnant economy, the president continues to push job-destroying policies – like a national energy tax.

“And there’s no fairness when big businesses in this country are getting an exemption from the ObamaCare mandates, but American families aren’t.  That’s why the House this week passed two bills extending those protections – some basic fairness – to all Americans.

“You know, the president said he would veto the bills – and frankly most Democrats voted against them. I have to tell you, I was disappointed.  How can the president say he’s looking out for average Americans when he threatens to veto measures of basic fairness?  I think it’s appalling.  And Democrats are going to have to answer to their constituents for it. 

“To keep the pressure on, I’ve asked Congressman Tim Griffin and Congressman Todd Young – the sponsors of these bills this week – to deliver our Weekly Republican Address.”