Boehner on AUMF: Give Our Commanders Flexibility to Defeat ISIL |

If we’re going to defeat our enemy and win this fight, we need a strong, robust strategy,” Speaker Boehner said today, commenting on President Obama’s request for an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against the Islamic State (ISIL). 

Here are excerpts from his comments to reporters:

“For the past year, I’ve been urging President Obama to outline a strategy to defeat and destroy our terrorist enemies.  And to its credit, the White House did the right thing and submitted language yesterday authorizing the use of military force against ISIL.  That said, I do have concerns about the president’s submission.  I want to give our military commanders the flexibility and the authority they need to defeat our enemies.  The White House readily admits that the authorization they’re saying is more restrictive than what they already have in place.  If we’re going to defeat our enemy and win this fight we need a strong, robust strategy and a strong, robust authorization.  And that’s exactly what Republicans will make the case for as we move through rigorous hearings and oversight on this issue.”

“As you’ve heard me say from this podium for the last several years, the president needs to have an overarching strategy to deal with this growing terrorist threat.  He has yet to do that.  He continues to look at this as a counterterrorism effort when in fact there’s a war underway, and we’re in the midst of it.  The president has tied his own hands and wants to tie his hands even further with the authorization that he sent up here.  I think it’s time for the White House to develop and outline for the American people how we’re going to address this worldwide terrorist threat, and to make sure that the president has the authorization to deal with it.”