Boehner: “A Crisis of the President’s Own Making” |

WASHINGTON, DC - The catastrophe along our southern border is a humanitarian crisis of the president’s own making, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said today, faulting the president for putting politics above the needs of children by refusing to take action.   Following are Boehner’s remarks:  

“Along our southern border we’ve got a true humanitarian crisis underway, with children caught in the middle.  Unfortunately, it's a crisis of the president’s own making – his actions gave false hope to children and their families that if they enter the country illegally they would be allowed to stay.

“Our priorities are clear: take care of these children, return them safely…to their home countries, to their own families, and secure the border.

I sent a letter to the president last month laying out some specific actions that he should take to address the crisis, including sending in the National Guard.   The National Guard is uniquely qualified to address these types of humanitarian crises, and utilizing their expertise would free up border agents to focus on their job of securing the border. 

“Now the president said yesterday he’d consider doing that only if he gets more money with no strings attached.  In other words, he won’t do it for the kids.  It’s all about politics. 

The president assured the American people the border was secure, but clearly it is not. 

“Chairman Rogers and the members of our working group led by Kay Granger are reviewing the administration’s request.  I can tell you this though: we’re not giving the president a blank check.  Beyond that, we’ll await further discussions with our members before we make any final decisions.  …

“Listen, this is a problem of the president’s own making.  He’s been president for five-and-a-half years.  When is he going to take responsibility for something?”

NOTE: Click here to read the full letter Boehner sent to the president last month laying out specific steps he should take address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.