Speaker Boehner today said “Americans deserve better” than the “arrogance and incompetence” we’ve seen from the Obama administration, not only in carrying out misguided policies, but in refusing to level with the American people:  

“But this is part of a bigger problem.  The economy continues to struggle, and the president has no plan for economic growth, and won’t push his party to act on the good ideas that we’ve passed in a bipartisan fashion here in the House. 

“The IRS targets political opponents, lies about it, and the White House won’t lift a finger to provide the truth to the American people.  The VA’s abuses continue to be revealed, and yet we still don’t see a long-term plan for reform at the VA.  And not only does the president regularly ignore the law…he brags about his willingness to change it unilaterally.

“First this administration makes the wrong decisions, then it won’t give the American people the straight answers.  Instead, it’s arrogance and incompetence right down the line.

“I think Americans deserve better, and the House will continue to listen to the American people and make their priorities our priorities.  Our energy focus this week is a good example, as all of our solutions are to help families who are still asking the same question, ‘where are the jobs?’”