Boehner: More Robust Strategy Needed to Defeat ISIL |

At his weekly press briefing today, Speaker Boehner continued to express the need for a more robust and comprehensive strategy to defeat and destroy ISIL:

“In the new Congress, I would urge the president to submit a new Authorization for Use of Military Force regarding our efforts to defeat and to destroy ISIL.  I reminded the president last month that historically the Commander-in-Chief has identified the need for the use of military force, written a new AUMF, sent it to Capitol Hill, and worked to build bipartisan support for its passage.

“I told him that if he does, House Republicans will be ready to work with him to get it approved, and thus far, we’ve seen no urgency on the part of this White House.  The White House needs to show some urgency, because its strategy isn’t reversing the terrorists’ momentum on the ground.  I’ve got grave concerns that the plan the president has put in place will not accomplish the goal of defeating and destroying ISIL. 

“We need a more robust, comprehensive strategy, and that should start with a new authorization of the use of military force.”