WASHINGTON, DC – At his weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlighted this week’s House action on three American energy jobs bills, and called on President Obama to stop focusing on expanding government and join the effort to help the private-sector grow and create jobs.  Following are excerpts from Speaker Boehner’s remarks: 

On Steps the President Could Take to Regain Americans’ Trust, & Create a Better Environment for Economic Growth & Jobs:

“Listen, I don’t usually ever do this, but I think I’m going to give the president a little advice.

“You know, if he wants to start building back the American people’s trust, he needs to stop expanding the roll of our government and do something – how about anything – to help create American private sector jobs.  You know, too many private-sector job creators - especially small businesses, and I used to run one of them – they’re still sitting on their hands. 

“He could support these energy bills.  He could finally approve the Keystone pipeline that would create 20,000 direct jobs, over 100,000 indirect jobs.  Or he could rein in the regulations that are strangling our economy.  Or he could actually delay this health law which is causing many employers to have doubts about expanding their number of employees. 

“The solution here isn’t more government.  The solution lies in pro-growth policies that help create a better environment for private-sector job creation.”  

On House GOP Action on American Energy Jobs Bills:

“Listen, you’ve all heard me say that our job is to listen to the American people, and to follow their priorities.  Republicans continue to do just that. 

“This week, the House passed three more energy bills – would create more American jobs and more American energy.  I would urge the president to sign those bills. 

“And we’re going to continue to focus on strengthening the economy for middle-class families – better jobs and higher wages.” 

On ObamaCare’s Broken Promises Straining the President’s Credibility:

“I think it’s now obvious that the reality of the president’s health care law simply doesn’t match the promises the president made to the American people to sell it. 

“Every day, we hear heart-wrenching stories from Americans who are getting letters about their health care plans being canceled.  Or the cost of their new plan is skyrocketing.  Or they can’t keep their doctor.  As a result, I think the American people are losing confidence in this administration.”