Boehner & the Red Tape Tower Mark Tax Day |

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s infamous ObamaCare Red Tape Tower joined Speaker John Boehner for a Tax Day video highlighting the need for a fairer, simpler tax code.

Just like ObamaCare, our tax code is a complicated mess that hurts small business owners, young workers, and families. The president’s health care law alone added 21 different tax hikes totaling more than $1 trillion, including a tax on life-saving medical devices that is forcing companies to close up shop and ship jobs overseas.

As Boehner notes, the tax code and all of its regulations, annotations, and explanations total 74,000 pages – or roughly four Red Tape Tower-sized stacks. Simplifying our tax code, closing loopholes, and lowering rates for everyone will help create new jobs and increase wages. Scrapping ObamaCare and its “whopping 7 feet, 3 inches high” tower of red tape will help too. (the balanced budget passed by Republicans aims to both repeal ObamaCare and fix our tax code)

Click here for more on the effort to fix our tax code and let us know what you think should be done in the comments below. Here are Boehner’s full remarks:

This is Senator McConnell’s infamous “Red Tape Tower.”

It’s 20,000 pages high, seven feet tall, and includes all of the regulations generated by the president’s health care law.

Now take a good look. Now picture this: FOUR of these.

Our tax code is four million words long. Add to that the regulations, explanations, annotations, and more, and there are 74,000 pages.

And just like ObamaCare, our tax code is a headache for families and workers, and it’s a nightmare for small business owners.

That’s why Republicans want to fix it.

Our balanced budget not only repealed ObamaCare and its 21 tax hikes – it laid the groundwork for a fairer tax code.

Closing tax loopholes and lowering rates will mean more jobs, higher wages, and a stronger economy.

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