Boehner Urges President Obama to Engage on Iraq |

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Speaker Boehner today called on President Obama to get engaged on the issue of al Qaeda activity in Iraq, and emphasized the need to maintain a long-term commitment to securing U.S. interests in that nation.  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

“I’d like to address the ongoing threat of al Qaeda in Iraq.  Precious blood was spilled, and national treasure was expended helping Iraqis remove a brutal dictator and repelling terrorist elements determined to stamp out human freedom and dignity.

“That progress is now threatened and, in the case of Fallujah, it’s been reversed.  A status of forces agreement with Iraq should have been agreed to, and this administration failed to deliver.

“Starting with the President delegating his responsibilities to the Vice President, the Administration has chosen to spend much of its time and energy trying to explain why having terrorists holding key terrain in the Middle East is not the President’s problem.   

“The United States has, and will continue to have, vital national interests in Iraq.  We must maintain a long-term commitment to a successful outcome there.  And It’s time that the president recognize this, and get engaged.”


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