Boehner: We’ve Been Focused on Jobs All Along |

WASHINGTON, DC – At a press conference with Republican leaders today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) discussed the president’s latest ‘pivot’ to jobs, noting that Republicans have been consistently focused on Americans’ top priority, and outlining steps the president could take if he’s serious about helping the economy and putting Americans back to work.  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

“So tomorrow the president says he’s going to go out and ‘pivot’ back to jobs.  Well, welcome to the conversation, Mr. President, we’ve never left it.  We’ve been focused on jobs for the last two and half years – actually, longer than that – but the two and half years we’ve been in the majority.   

“You know, if the president was serious about helping our economy, he wouldn’t give another speech, he’d reach out and actually work with us.  Pass things like the Keystone pipeline that would put tens of thousands of Americans back to work.  He’d work with us to delay ObamaCare and provide fairness to the American people.  He’s going to give businesses a break, why not give individuals and families the same one-year delay?  Listen, he said he wouldn’t shut down the government unless he gets more tax hikes instead of spending cuts. 

“This is all about a big set up that’s coming in this speech.  The president wants to raise taxes so he can do more ‘stimulus’ spending.  And the fact is, it’s his sequester and if we’re going to get rid of his sequester, we’re going to have to look for smarter spending cuts in order to do that. 

“Listen, Republicans have been focused on jobs.  We’re going to continue to be focused on jobs.  But at the same time we’ve got to have real fiscal responsibility.  And so if we’re going to replace the sequester let’s find the smarter cuts that we can all agree to.”