A Candid Conversation | Speaker.gov

Four months into this job as speaker of the House, and I find myself having a lot of conversations about the future of our party, and more importantly, the future of our country. 

Whether it’s Wisconsinites or a former speaker of the House, my takeaway is pretty simple: if we do not like the direction this country is going—and we do not—we owe the American people an alternative. That is why, here in Congress, Republicans are working on a specific policy agenda that applies our founding principles to the problems of the day.

How do we grow our economy? What do we replace Obamacare with? How do we get people out of poverty? How do we rebuild our military? And—this is a big one—how do we restore our Constitution?

These aren’t things we’re going to be able to get done with this president. So our job in 2016 is to take this agenda to the country so we can earn a mandate to do big things in 2017 and beyond.

This is how we will reclaim a Confident America – and it all starts with these conversations. Let’s keep them going.