High gas prices are “crippling” small business owners, and they’re speaking out in a new video released by Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA) highlighting how high energy costs have become their “worst enemy” in an already-struggling economy. 

“You know you’re just trying to hang on, hoping that things will get better,” says Binky Tapscott, co-owner of Tapscott Brothers Trucking.  Café owner Phyllis Mast says “the economy’s tough when the gas rises. And it also affects my grocery shopping, my bills go up, and the groceries go up, but I can’t compensate for the price change.”  With gas prices double what they were when President Obama took office, John Gregory of Gregory Lumber says “I don’t understand why we are not utilizing” the resources we have available. House Republicans don’t understand either. 

With the American Energy Initiative, the Republican-led House has already passed numerous bills to address high gas prices by removing government barriers to American energy production. The House Natural Resources Committee continued moving that effort forward yesterday by approving three bills to unlock America’s onshore energy resources to address high gas prices and create jobs.  Today, the House Energy & Commerce Committee is considering two more bills that would hold the Obama administration accountable for its policies that drive up gas prices, and protect America’s strategic energy reserves.  Unfortunately, Senate Democrats have refused to take action on the majority of the jobs and energy bills that have already passed the House. 

The president – whose entire agenda has been reduced to the size of a post-it note – has failed to live up to his stated support for Republicans’ all-of-the-above energy policy by not calling on Senate Democrats to act.  Three years of President Obama’s policies have wrought nothing but higher gas prices and less American energy – making it harder for small businesses to keep their doors open, much less create jobs.  The president’s energy policies have failed, and he ought to stop with the tired gimmicks and empty rhetoric, and work with Congress on a new direction.  Calling on Senate Democrats to pass the bipartisan American Energy Initiative bills sitting on their doorstep – in addition to several others that will soon be passed in the House - would be a good start.

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