Speaker Ryan sat down with Matt Lauer this morning ahead of President Trump’s first address to Congress. Here are a few highlights from their interview, which took place in the Speaker’s office, the Rotunda, and National Statuary Hall:

  • Our plan to repeal and replace Obamacare: “People want peace of mind in the health care system. People want to be able to have choices in the health care system. We want to get costs down. We want to get people more choices. We believe in a patient-centered system, where all the providers of health care services—be they hospitals or doctors or insurance companies—compete for our business as patients, as consumers. We should make the decisions, not some distant government bureaucrat.”
  • The president’s speech tonight: “What I’m hoping, and I believe we’re going to hear from the president, is inspirational, is let’s go fix problems. We ran on solutions. We need to deliver for the American people. And I think it’s going to be a speech that speaks to all Americans… We’ve got big problems to fix in this country, and if we don’t tackle our problems in America, they will tackle us. And we have to do this together, as all Americans. And that’s the kind of tone and temperament I’m expecting from tonight’s speech.”
  • The privilege to serve: “This is an amazing opportunity. I look at this job…look at this place, it’s breathtaking. … I think, 'how did a kid from Janesville, Wisconsin, who grew up waiting tables, washing dishes, mowing lawns, working at McDonalds, end up doing this?' Only in America. So, to me, I just get a sense of awe and I appreciate the opportunity and responsibility that comes with it.”

Bonus highlight: Get the answer to the question: “Who’s #1 on Speaker Ryan’s speed dial?”