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Appearing on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, Speaker Ryan warned that President Obama does not have the legal authority to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to American soil.  The speaker's comments came hours after the Senate passed the latest round of these restrictions, which were first put in place in 2009 by a Democratic-controlled Congress. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Q:  What is your message to the president and the White House, the administration about whether they should use executive action?

A: He can’t. He doesn’t have the authority to do it. It's just that clear. We passed the bill in the House with 390 votes, well over enough to override a veto. The Senate today passed this bill with 91 votes, well over what is necessary to override a veto. And the language is very clear that it can't transfer the prisoners. And this is language that was put in the defense bill by Democrats when they ran Congress in the early part of the Obama administration.

Q: So what would you say if the president said, Mr. Speaker, I'm trying to fulfill a campaign promise?

A: The law is the law. It’s just that clear.

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