At his weekly press conference this morning, Speaker Boehner followed up on his earlier comments that the transfer of five Taliban commanders has made Americans less safe: 

“I  said on Tuesday that the transfer of five hardened terrorists has made Americans less safe.  And I mean that, and I’ll stand by it.

“When asked last week whether the freed terrorists could return to plotting attacks on Americans, President Obama said ‘absolutely.’  Well, I  don’t think that’s about half of it.

“This exchange has encouraged our enemies and increased the risk to our military and civilian personnel serving around the globe.  Those who would argue the opposite, I think, are incredibly naive.

“One of our citizens’ greatest protections was  knowing that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.   And that issue now, that principle has been compromised.

“America is willing to make deals with terrorists – that’s the new ‘Obama doctrine.’”