I'm pleased to report that we are now one step closer to cutting taxes for you and your family. 

The Ways and Means Committee just approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Next, the bill goes to the House floor for a debate and up-or-down vote.

Look, there are people in Washington that want to keep things exactly as they are: broken, unfair, and stacked against middle-income families and those striving to get there. But that’s just background noise. 

What really matters is how this helps you and your family. Our plan means more money in your pocket, more take-home pay in your paycheck, and more peace of mind in your life. 

In fact, under our plan, the typical household will get a tax cut of $1,182. This is real relief, and a long overdue break for the hardworking people in this country.

We’ve still got work to do, but this is good news for the American taxpayer.


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