#ObamaGap: CNN Says “Boehner Has a Point” on President’s Disingenuous Keystone Claims | Speaker.gov

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President Obama’s energy “tour de farce” hit some serious speed bumps yesterday, with Republicans questioning his claim of ‘expediting’ a sliver of the Keystone XL pipeline that doesn’t even require his approval while blocking a 1,179-mile stretch that would bring much-needed jobs and energy to the United States.  Speaker Boehner calls it the Obama Energy Gap, and according to CNN, he “has a point":

BOEHNER: “This is what I’m calling the Obama energy gap.  Up here in Canada and in North Dakota, we’ve got all this oil.  And the President is down here in Oklahoma taking credit for the pipeline that’s going to go through the normal process; it’s already gotten its approval.  And this idea that the president is going to expedite this will have no impact on the construction of this pipeline.”

ANDERSON COOPER: “Keeping him honest, House Speaker John Boehner has a point.  Permits for pipelines within U.S. borders are issued at the state and local levels; the federal government doesn’t have much to do with the approval process unless the project crosses the U.S. border.”

The Obama Energy Gap is being highlighted far and wide, including the CBS Evening NewsNBC Nightly News, and the pages of today’s Financial Times.  It’s no wonder one House Democrat said President Obama’s visit to Cushing, Oklahoma may be “the most idiotic political move I’ve ever seen.”  

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