Protecting Life Is “A Defining Human Rights Issue of Our Time” |

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Today, Speaker Boehner delivered a brief video message to participants in the 40th annual March for Life, which is taking place on the National Mall.

Boehner, who last year became the first Speaker to address the March, talked about how defending life is a generational commitment that we should encourage young people to join

“Defending life, of course, is about much more than voting the right way or saying the right things.  It’s about promoting a culture of life.  It’s about understanding that abortion is a defining human rights issue of our time.  Because human life is not an economic or political commodity, and no government on Earth has the right to treat it as such.

“With all that’s at stake, it is becoming more and more important for us to share this truth with our young people, to encourage them to lock arms, speak out for life, and help make abortion a relic of the past.  Let that be one of our most fundamental goals this year.“

Speaker Boehner also paid tribute to Nellie Gray, the March’s founder, who passed away last summer.  “Now it’s up to us to be her voice,” Speaker Boehner said, “to commit ourselves to doing everything we can to protect the sanctity of life.”

“For the new Congress, that means bringing together a bipartisan pro-life majority and getting to work.  In accordance with the will of the people, we will again work to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, formally codifying the Hyde Amendment.”