Ryan Touts Progress on Regular Order | Speaker.gov

WASHINGTON — Today during his weekly press briefing, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) discussed progress made this week in returning to regular order:

“This week, we also made significant progress in our efforts to return to regular order. Two formal committee conferences have met. You know, I’m amazed at this. I looked at the record, and I’ve been on chairs of conference—I’ve been on conference committees—but many of our members have never even experienced a conference committee because we’ve not had regular order around here for a long time.

“So this week we have two conference committees meeting—the highway conference and education conference. There were six executive sessions for our members to provide input on our appropriations bills. And House Republicans approved the first in a series of reforms to create a more open and inclusive process. All of this is about getting results for our country. It’s easy to have an issue to talk about, or a political football to toss around. The challenges we face—and the people we serve—demand more.”