House  Republicans are pressing ahead on their Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs with yesterday’s House vote on legislation approving the Keystone pipeline, and a vote today on the Smarter Solutions for Students Act, legislation that prevents student loan rates from doubling in July, and implements long-term solutions that take the politics out of student loans.  Speaker Boehner highlighted Republicans’ focus on jobs at a press conference earlier today:

“Jobs continue to be our number one priority here in the Congress.  The president’s policies are undermining economic growth.  Four years of slow job growth is frankly just unacceptable.  I think we can do a whole lot better.

“This week the House is taking action on two parts of our jobs plan: expanding American energy and approving the Keystone pipeline; and secondly, strengthening our student loan system for students and their families. 

“We’re working to build a stronger, healthier economy for all Americans, even as we work to hold this administration accountable.”

Learn more about the Smarter Solutions for Students Act here, and read the Republican Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs @