Speaker Boehner Says “It’s Time to Build the Keystone Pipeline” - What Do You Think? | Speaker.gov

“There’s an energy project out there right now that would create tens of thousands of new American jobs,” says Speaker John Boehner in a new video. “It would bring more energy to the marketplace at a time when gas prices are on the rise. And it wouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime.”

“It’s called the Keystone XL pipeline.” Keystone holds the promise of new jobs for American workers and more affordable energy for middle-class families.

And as Boehner notes, Keystone is “one of those rare projects with broad, bipartisan support. A recent survey showed 70 percent of the American people want to see it built. Republicans support it. Democrats support it. State leaders, editorial boards, and even the president’s own supporters want him to approve the pipeline and the thousands of new jobs it would create.

But despite widespread support and extensive environmental reviews, Keystone XL has been blocked by President Obama for more than four years. It’s been 1,629 days since its application was first submitted.

“There’s no reason to delay it a second longer,” says Speaker Boehner. “It’s time to build the Keystone pipeline.”

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