WASHINGTON — This morning during a press briefing, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) discussed how the bipartisan omnibus agreement reached by the House advances a number of Republican priorities, including lifting the decades-old oil export ban to create more American jobs and help the nation’s manufacturers:

A Big Win for American Jobs. “In divided government, no one gets exactly what they want. But this week, we have completed two bipartisan agreements that advance Republican priorities. First, we are lifting the government’s 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. This is a big win for American jobs and for our energy industry. It’s a big win for our manufacturers and for our foreign policy. We are increasing military spending. We are tightening security requirements under the nation’s Visa Waiver program. We are permanently reauthorizing the critical health care benefits for our 9/11 first responders in a very fiscally responsible way. We are preventing a taxpayer bailout of Obamacare’s risk corridors program. We are freezing most IRS operations and stopping the IRS from suppressing civic participation in 501 (c)(4) organizations. We are maintaining all of our pro-life protections, including the Hyde Amendment, and we are making cuts to UNFPA program.

Tax Certainty for Families & Businesses. “In addition to all of that, we are ending Washington’s days of extending tax policies one year at a time. I cannot tell you how many times I have visited with small businesses and farmers who tell me, ‘Give me some certainty in the tax code, and I can go create jobs.’ We are finally delivering on one of those tax policies we’ve been trying to—for years—to get certainty in the tax code so we can create more jobs. I think this is one of the biggest steps toward a re-write of our tax code that we’ve made in many years. And it will help us start a pro-growth, bold tax reform agenda in 2016.”

Getting Back to Regular Order. “And lastly—I have said—I inherited this process. Let me be the first to day, I don’t think this is the way government should work. This is not how appropriations should work. So we played the cards that we were dealt with as best as we possibly could. And inheriting a process I know we need to restore to regular order, and I believe we’ve made the best of it. We’ve listened to our members, we’ve let our committees take the lead, and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to accomplish so many things for the American people. And I look forward to, in 2016, just like we have in the last six weeks, getting Congress working back on the way it should be working, getting back to what we call regular order. That is what 2016 is going to be about—is steering this battleship toward working the way the people’s house was intended to be working in the first place.”