Speaker Ryan on Fox News: Jobs, Regular Order, and a #ConfidentAmerica | Speaker.gov

Appearing on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom, Speaker Ryan talked about our focus on promoting job creation, the need to get back to regular order in the appropriations process, and his vision for a Confident America at home and abroad:

  • Jobs. “We’re going to have some good things in here for job creators. We’re going to have good tax policy that helps send us in the right direction for tax reform that helps provides certainty for businesses. Plus, we’re going to have some things in here on the spending side, where we just don’t approve of where the Obama administration is going. … We’ll make sure that we keep government funded, and that we advance some of our priorities, and namely that’s to create jobs.”
  • Regular Order. “What I don’t like about this process is that we’re here talking to you right before Christmas about a big government funding bill. This is not how government should work. I’ve been very clear about that. That’s why, now that we have a new year coming, I want to do things differently, which is, we call it ‘regular order’ around here. That means we shouldn’t be doing these big mega bills at the end of the year with all these countdowns. We should do this in a normal process where every member of Congress has a crack at writing a bill through the amendment process, where we bring all these different bills through the regular system, where we get our work done on time. So I don’t like this process at all. I’ve watched this process from the outside and never liked it then, now that I’m on the inside, I like it even less.”
  • A Confident America. “I’ll tell you why we lack confidence: look at foreign policy, look at ISIS. They have a caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Look at the Russian reset. That didn’t go so well. Look at what China’s doing in the South and East China Seas. Look at wages. Look at families’ take-home pay. Look at the struggling taxpayer who’s working harder and harder to get ahead but falling further behind. Look at our poverty rates. 45 million people living in poverty. Look at our pending debt crisis. Look at the fact that we are bequeathing the next generation an inferior standard of living, a legacy we’ve never ever had and imposed on the next generation before. That is why people think America is not confident, not heading in the right direction. We know what it takes to have a confident America. We know who we are. We know what our principles are. We have to reapply those principles to the problems of the day, to offer people real solutions so that we can get our country back on track, get jobs up, get wages up, get people out of poverty. Those are things that make us a confident America.”

Earlier in the morning, Speaker Ryan attended POLITICO's Playbook Breakfast. Watch highlights from that conversation here.