Today, joined by members of the House Republican Conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) signed the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act (H.R. 3762), reconciliation legislation that repeals Obamacare and defunds Planned Parenthood. After being introduced by House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA), Speaker Ryan delivered the following remarks:

“Well, it has been a long time in getting here. But here we are. I want to thank all of our members, but I especially want to thank Chairman Tom Price. They have been nothing short of tireless in their work.

“This is the closest that we have come to repealing Obamacare. And now we are sending that repeal to the president’s desk. And we have now shown that with a Republican president, there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the United States Senate. We are confronting the president with the hard, honest truth. Obamacare does not work. It has to go.

Higher premiums, fewer choices, restricted access—these are not signs of success. These are signs of failure. And the American people deserve better.

“So we are asking the president to reverse course. Don’t give Washington bureaucrats more control over our health care. Put patients in control. Put them back in charge. If there is one story that is being told here today, it is this: the idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for a long time is a myth. We will see this law either collapse under its own weight, or we will see this law, in the next session of Congress as we’re proving here today, be repealed and signed and replaced by a Republican president.

“We’re also asking the president to stop sending the hardworking taxpayer dollars of all of our constituents to Planned Parenthood. Send that money to health centers—they can better be used there. We’re asking the president to choose life—to value life—to protect life. And so I’m very proud of this legislation. I’m very proud of our constituents. And the message to our fellow citizens—hope is here, help is on the way, and with the right leadership, we can get this done.”