Speaker Ryan: 'We need to raise our game' | Speaker.gov

Exactly one week ago today, in a packed room of hundreds of millennials, Speaker Ryan delivered a speech on the state of American politics.  And while his prepared remarks were covered widely in the press, the majority of his time was actually spent answering questions directly from the audience. 

You can watch the full 20 minutes of Q&A here, but if you only have 35 seconds to spare, check out the video below, where Speaker Ryan calls upon political leaders to "raise our game," in order to preserve the American idea that our Founders created.


Who is it incumbent upon to introduce civility in American politics?


"The Founders created this new American idea. It's an amazing thing. Unprecedented. Never been done before. 

"Guess what? It's our job to preserve it.

"Sometimes today we see a politics that is degrading, a politics that's going to the basis of our emotions of what dis-unifies us, not what unifies us. 

"So here's our job: As leaders, we need to raise our gaze and raise our game and talk about ideas. Try to unite us, not prey on people's separations or their identities." 

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