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Every day, the Office of the Speaker receives thousands of letters, emails, and faxes from around the country.  This time of year, the mailbag gets a little heavier – and merrier – thanks to Christmas cards, and Speaker Boehner makes it a point to read every single one of them.

“Speaker’s Greetings” traces the path of your cards after Tom the Mailman delivers them to our correspondence center.  You’ll see them put in the hands of Speaker Boehner himself, and hear him reflect on the spirit of the season.  Watch on YouTube here.    

This is the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes videos on Speaker.gov.   For Thanksgiving, the Speaker took you to the Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm in Ohio – where he’s been getting his turkey for years – and then back to his kitchen.  

Thanks for watching, and of course, there are still some writing days left to share your holiday wishes with the Speaker.