Urging President to Use Bully Pulpit for Trade, Jobs | Speaker.gov

WASHINGTON, DC – At his weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called on President Obama to use all the tools at his disposal – as he has done many times over the past five years – to get Trade Promotion Authority passed in Congress this year.  Following are excerpts of Boehner’s remarks:

Urging President Obama to Make the Case for Trade Promotion Authority:

“If the president means what he says about Trade Promotion Authority, I think it’s time for him to pull out all the stops. 

“Now after five years in office, we know how the president can be when he’s serious about something.  He hits the road, uses his bully pulpit, and he takes his case to the American people.

“So if the president is serious in his commitment to getting this important bipartisan legislation passed, he’ll do the same on this issue.  And we’re hopeful that we can pass that bill this year.”

Calling on Senate Democrats to Pass House Jobs Bills:

“You know, the best way to help out-of-work Americans is to create jobs and grow our economy.

“That’s exactly what Republicans are focused on: creating jobs for middle-class families and small businesses.  Unfortunately, Democrats seem resigned to higher unemployment in President Obama’s economy. 

“The House has passed dozens of pro-growth jobs bills, many of them in a bipartisan fashion.  We’ve passed education and training measures to expand opportunities for young people and the middle class.  We’ve passed a bipartisan measure to approve the Keystone pipeline and the tens of thousands of jobs that would be created as a result.  And we’re ready to work with the president and Senate Democrats on Trade Promotion Authority to help employers and workers.”

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