This morning, Speaker Boehner sent the note below to his email list, releasing a new video that sets out our commitment to prevent Senate Democrats from bringing back earmarks. 

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Remember earmarks?  The ‘bridge to nowhere’?  The days when politicians couldn’t spend your money fast enough on pet projects?

Well, we could very well see a return of all that, if Senator Harry Reid and his party’s leaders have their way. 

Yes, this is what it’s come to for Senate Democrats.  They’ve shut the Senate down to good ideas – especially ones that will help create jobs – and now they’re trying to revive a bad one.

We’ve been there, we’ve seen that, and we’re not going back to that nonsense.  As long as I’m Speaker, there will be no earmarks

This new video sends that message loud and clear, and I wanted you to see it first. I hope you’ll take a look and help us spread the word:

This is going to be a tough fight – Sen. Reid says he's  “never backed down" from his support of earmarks – but fundamentally, this is about protecting your hard-earned money.  Few things matter more.


John Boehner