House and Senate negotiators are meeting again today, working to reach an agreement on a full-year extension of the payroll tax cut. The House passed a full-year payroll tax relief bill in December. Speaker John Boehner says in a new video the only road block to extending the tax cut now is Senate Democrats who “haven’t passed or offered a full, one-year plan of their own.” 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Senate Democrats have kept the American people waiting. While the president’s policies are making our economy worse, the Senate is sitting on nearly 30 bipartisan House-passed bills that would help small businesses grow and hire new workers.

The House-passed bill uses offsets supported by the Obama administration to protect Social Security (not tax hikes). It reforms and extends unemployment insurance for a full-year. And it includes business expensing tax reliefsupported by the president that would help create jobs.

“We don’t need any more brinksmanship,” says Speaker Boehner. “We don’t need to wait until the last possible minute. We can get this done right now.” President Obama wants Congress to “pass the payroll tax cut without delay” – now we just need Senate Democrats to present their plan.

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