Later today, President Obama will commemorate the start of his presidential campaign nine years ago by addressing the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, where he’ll explain to the crowd that America has a need for “better politics.”

“We hear this a lot from the president,” said Speaker Ryan earlier today at a press briefing with House Republican leaders. “He tries to shift blame to the process, absolve himself from any participation in the bitterness . . . he talks about the world as he wishes it would be, not as it actually is.”

The speaker is right. On the heels of Iowa and New Hampshire, one thing is very clear: people are anxious and they're making their voices heard. And House Republicans are listening.

Because it’s not just “better politics” that our country needs—it’s better ideas. Eight years later, this administration’s policies are hurting—and polarizing—Americans. Consider the president’s budget just released yesterday—or, as Speaker Ryan summarized, “Higher taxes, more debt, bigger government.” Simply put, these aren’t solutions to the problems of the day—they’re more of the same failed policies that put us on this dangerous path in the first place.

That’s why House Republicans will offer an agenda to the American people that gets us back on the right path towards a more #ConfidentAmerica. We need to replace blame with ideas and rhetoric with solutions. And that’s just what House Republicans intend to do.

Want more? Here are Speaker Ryan’s full remarks from this morning:

“Today, the president will be in Springfield, Illinois to talk about what he sees [as a] need for ‘a better politics.’ We hear this a lot from the president: he tries to shift blame to the process, absolve himself from any participation in the bitterness of our politics, and he talks about the world as he wishes it would be, not as it actually is.

“But last night, they were on pace for record turnout in New Hampshire. They had record turnout in Iowa last week as well.

“Our politics is in good health. Americans cannot wait to elect a new president. Americans want progress on the issues of the day—they don’t want finger pointing.  They can’t wait to move past a president who disregards their anxiety and glosses over their challenges that they face every single day.

“Just look at the president’s budget that he just put forward. It’s not so much a budget as a manual for the progressive Left’s vision: higher taxes, more debt, bigger government.

“In fact, at the center of his budget is a tax that would raise the average cost of gasoline by 25 cents a gallon. The president wants, the president expects—he demands—that American families pay for his climate policies.

“The problem isn’t politics. The problem is the president’s ideas. The problem is the bitter polarization that comes from these ideas.

“American-made energy may be our greatest source of potential. American-made energy lowers costs, helps families keep more of their hard earned paychecks. American energy creates jobs. But he wants to tax it and keep it in the ground.

“We’re not going to let that happen. We are going to offer a bold agenda that protects jobs and maximizes America’s energy potential. We are going to apply our principles to the problems of the day. We’re going to offer the country a very clear choice.

“We’re going to give people solutions. We’re going to run on those solutions. So that if we are given the privilege of winning the election based upon these solutions, we will put these solutions in place and get our country back on track.

“This is what people are hungry for. This is why you have record turnout in places like New Hampshire and Iowa. We believe better ideas—not better politics—but better ideas are needed to get our country back on track. And that is what we are dedicated to.”