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In the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) talks about how budgeting responsibly in Washington is critical to growing the economy and getting Americans back to work.  She cites getting Senate Democrats to do a budget after nearly four years of inaction and replacing the “sequester” spending cuts President Obama first proposed in 2011 as opportunities for Washington Democrats to finally get serious about government’s spending problem.  â€¨â€¨Here are some additional highlights from early coverage of the address, which you can now read, listen to, watch, and download:


 “Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind., says Democrats fail to see the value in creating and passing a budget for federal spending, but that Americans may still have cause to be optimistic about Washington's efforts to boost the economy.  With the House's passage of the No Budget No Pay Act, Brooks notes in this week's Republican address that this new challenge will force lawmakers to ‘finally live up to one the most basic responsibilities of governing – passing a budget…’” (ABC News Radio, 2/2/13)

 “In the weekly Republican address, Brooks said she has steered one child through college and into the workforce and another from high school to college in the time since the Senate last passed a budget. … However, she said she was proud to back the ‘No Budget, No Pay Act," a bill crafted by House Republican leaders that suspended the debt limit for three months and required both chambers of Congress to pass a budget by April 15 for members to continue receiving paychecks on time.” (The Hill, 2/2/13)

“In the Republican address, Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana says Democrats must get serious about the nation's spending problems. She's calling on Senate Democrats to pass a budget.” (Associated Press, 2/2/13) 

“Brooks said in her address the budget stalemate resides in the upper chamber.  She said it is time to ‘get serious.’  ‘Unfortunately, it's been nearly four years since Senate Democrats last passed a budget – 1,375 days to be exact,’ she said.” (CNN, 2/2/13)

Democrats were accused Saturday of a failure to lead by a freshman Republican congresswoman, who faulted them for not producing a budget. … ‘We have a chance to begin balancing our nation's checkbook, jumpstart our economy and restore faith in our government,’ she said. ‘Republicans will work tirelessly to hold the Democratic majority in Washington accountable and make sure, together, we seize this opportunity.’”  (UPI, 2/2/13)

 “Indiana's freshman Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN5) delivered this week's Republican address, pointing to the Hoosier state as a model lawmakers in Washington D.C. could learn from.  … Brooks says it's time for lawmakers on both sides to come together and balance thecountry's checkbook.” (WIBC-FM, 2/2/13)


Brooks also sought to blame President Obama for the pending automatic sequestration spending cuts, arguing that he proposed them in 2011, and now Republicans want to replace those indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts with ‘better, thoughtful, common-sense cuts and reforms.’  She touted the fact that Republicans leading the House have produced budgets for the past two years, and said that determination and a ‘big dose of optimism’ could allow Congress to meet its challenges.” (The Hill, 2/2/13)

“Additionally, Brooks says Republicans plan to hold the president accountable for ‘harmful, across-the-board’ sequester spending cuts.  If Republicans have their way, she says, they would replace these cuts ‘with better, thoughtful, common-sense cuts and reforms.’” (ABC News Radio, 2/2/13)


“In the meantime, Brooks had her eye on what most Americans will be watching this weekend.  ‘As the daughter of a former high school football coach, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Super Bowl weekend,’ she said.” (CNN, 2/2/13)