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Speaker Boehner Condemns Obama Administration Rhetorical Attacks on Israel

October 29, 2014

When the president discusses Israel and Iran, it is sometimes hard to tell who he thinks is America’s friend and who he thinks is America’s enemy. The House of Representatives has no trouble drawing that distinction. Read More

Boehner Statement on the Attacks in Canada

October 22, 2014

Our common cause and fight – dignity and freedom for all – will always persevere, even during the darkest of times. Read More

Boehner: Travel Ban Should Be Considered by President as Ebola Crisis Worsens

October 15, 2014

“Oversight efforts will continue, and the House stands ready to act if it becomes clear legislation is needed to ensure the threat is countered aggressively and effectively.” Read More

Speaker Boehner Statement on President Obama’s Efforts to Import Gitmo Terrorists to the United States

October 10, 2014

President Obama's plan to import #Gitmo terrorists to the U.S. is another example of admin’s legacy of lawlessness http://t.co/MqkOJB1gg3 Read More

Boehner and Goodlatte: It’s Never Acceptable for the President to Re-Write Our Laws

October 09, 2014

"Whether before or after the election in November, it is never acceptable for the President to re-write our laws by executive decree – the Constitution does not give him the authority to do so." Read More