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Speaker McCarthy’s Speech at the New York Stock Exchange

My fellow Americans, as we confront the consequences of President Biden’s extreme, reckless spending, Congressional Republicans are ready to act.


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House GOP Leadership Statement on Passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act

Today, the House passed the largest deficit reduction package in American history.

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Speaker McCarthy’s Floor Speech on the Fiscal Responsibility Act

Passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act is a crucial first step for putting America back on track.

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Speaker McCarthy’s Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal: Wasteful Government Doesn’t Have to Keep Growing

All in all, the Fiscal Responsibility Act is truly worthy of the American people.

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House GOP Leadership Statement on the Fiscal Responsibility Act

Only because of Republicans’ resolve did we achieve this transformative change to how Washington operates. 

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The Fiscal Responsibility Act Restores Fiscal Sanity

House Republicans stood strong, negotiated aggressively, and secured a historic win that changes the direction of Washington.

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House Republicans Deliver Solution to Stop National Fentanyl Epidemic 

While President Biden blunders into crisis after crisis, House Republicans remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering solutions to the American people.