Tag: Fiscal Responsibility

“A Big Win for the American People”

March 26, 2015

This will be the first real entitlement reform that we’ve seen in nearly two decades. Read More

Boehner Contrasts House’s Balanced Budget with President’s Plan

March 26, 2015

While the president’s plan would be a disaster for working families struggling in this economy, the House plan lays the foundation for more robust economic growth and more jobs. Read More

A Balanced Budget for A Stronger Economy & A Safer America

March 25, 2015

Instead of drowning our kids in a sea of red ink, we cut more than $5 trillion in spending and balance the budget within a decade... Read More

“Political Manifesto” vs. Pro-Growth Balanced Budget

March 24, 2015

House Republicans will vote on a much different plan this week: a pro-growth, balanced budget that reins in excessive spending, enacts real entitlement reform, helps our economy, and puts us on a more sustainable fiscal path. Read More

A Big Week for the People’s Priorities

March 24, 2015

The House will consider a pro-growth balanced budget and a permanent solution to the ‘doc fix’ that with strengthen Medicare and constitute the first real structural entitlement reform in decades. Read More

Budget & Doc Fix: Boehner Encouraged By The House’s Progress

March 19, 2015

Our budget is about the future: it addresses our spending problem, and focuses on building an economy from the ground up. Read More

Boehner Highlights Balanced Budget & The Latest in the Benghazi Investigation

March 17, 2015

Our budget will balance, but it’s also about growing our economy, growing jobs and building economic strength for our future... Read More

More Energy Independence, Less Washington Spending, & A Stronger Economy

July 10, 2014

If the president is serious about helping middle-class families, he’ll call on Senate Democrats, who are sitting on dozens of House-passed jobs bills, to do their part. Read More

House-Passed Bill Reduces Spending, Prioritizes Jobs & Security

May 30, 2014

"The bill was also passed under an open rule that allowed members to freely submit amendments, another step toward keeping our pledge to run a more open and accountable House." Read More

Boehner Touts Earmark-Free, Jobs-Focused Water Resources Bill

May 20, 2014

And it’s the first time that this bill’s ever been produced where there are no earmarks in this bill. And it’s a significant policy achievement... Read More