For Immediate Release

December 28, 2023

Contact: Taylor Haulsee


BENTON, LA — Speaker Johnson today released the following statement in response to the Mexico-U.S. Joint Communique regarding yesterday’s meeting between Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas and Mexican President López Obrador.


According to the Communique, the delegation “discussed the benefit of regularizing the situation of long-term undocumented Hispanic migrants and DACA recipients, who are a vital part of the U.S. economy and society.”


Speaker Johnson’s statement:


“At a time when America is experiencing the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, it is unconscionable to hear the Biden Administration’s announcement that Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken discussed with the President of Mexico amnesty for illegal immigrants. The United States must focus on policies that deter — not attract — people attempting to come here illegally, and the smugglers who profit from the catastrophe at our border.


“This development further demonstrates the Administration has no real intention of solving the humanitarian disaster and immediate national security crisis their policies have created. President Biden needs to stop vacationing and take immediate steps to stop the flow of illegal immigration into our country. Our nation’s security and sovereignty depend upon it, and the American people demand it.”



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