For Immediate Release

March 22, 2024

Contact: Taylor Haulsee



WASHINGTON — Today, Speaker Johnson released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed the remaining FY24 appropriations bills, bringing the appropriations process to a close:

“During the FY24 appropriations process, House Republicans achieved conservative policy wins, rejected extreme Democrat proposals, and imposed substantial cuts while significantly strengthening national defense. The process was also an important step in breaking the omnibus muscle memory and represents the best achievable outcome in a divided government.

“Over the next two weeks, we will be in active discussions among members and leadership to roll out an aggressive plan to highlight the contrasts between the two parties on the catastrophe at the Southern border that is killing countless Americans. We will introduce a series of meaningful bills to begin to fix the problem, and we welcome sensible Democrats in the House and Senate to join us. We will also finalize a plan to reform and reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to prevent the FBI’s invasive and illegal practices while still protecting our national security.

“We will also take the necessary steps to address the supplemental funding request. We have done important work discussing options with members — such as the REPO Act, loans, additional sanctions, and energy exports, among other measures — and are preparing to complete our plan for action.

“And after Senator Schumer’s reckless remarks about Prime Minister Netanyahu, we need to restore the historic, bipartisan support for Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East. We welcome all ongoing member deliberations over the next two weeks as the House works its will on this matter.”


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