The president will say his domestic policies are working, but a closer look at the facts tells a different story. Here’s what we call the administration’s hat-trick of failures:

Much attention was paid to the administration’s claim that it has brought “peace” and “security” to Syria, and what a doozy it was, but others are raising eyebrows as well. Check out a few of our favorites:

Today, the House came together to ensure our government is open and working for the American people.

This omnibus bill represents a bipartisan compromise that includes a significant number of wins for Republican priorities. You can read the full bill text here.

Lifting the crude oil export ban is “the most important change in U.S. oil policy in more than a generation.”

The outdated policies of the 1970s should not limit the possibilities of the 21st century.

Today’s vote shows there is bipartisan agreement that modernizing our energy policy in this way will increase workers’ incomes and benefit their families, create jobs, lower gas prices, and strengthen our economy.

I hope that the House will work together in a bipartisan fashion this week to lift that ban, and to start creating more jobs here in our country.

The House will vote on legislation to life the ban soon, and support for it is growing.

ere’s why numerous editorial boards and members of both parties support lifting the ban, and why President Obama should do the same.