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Programs That Demand Results

May 31, 2017

So you probably didn't see this on the front pages, but last week the House acted on reforms to not only improve our welfare and criminal justice systems, but ensure your taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Read More

A vote to extend the pay freeze

June 09, 2016

This fiscally-responsible legislation increases Capitol security, allows sledding on the Hill, and funds critical government oversight tools. Read More

Will the President Make It 8-for-8? (Or 0-for-8, Really)

February 02, 2016

Next Tuesday, President Obama is expected to submit his final budget proposal to Congress. Last year’s edition got a grand total of one vote in the Senate, so expectations aren’t high in these parts. And in year eight, we know what kind of proposal we can expect: a bloated budget that grows the government. Read More

Five Things We've Done to Cut Spending

August 18, 2015

We can’t preserve the American Dream, Speaker Boehner says, unless we get serious about solving our spending problem. Read More

House Continues Working Toward Long-Term Highway Bill

May 19, 2015

Our efforts to find a path forward will continue, and I am hopeful that both sides can work together on a long-term solution. Read More

Medicare Actuary Confirms “Doc Fix” Bill’s Long-Term Savings for Taxpayers

April 13, 2015

The memo confirms...the House bill will save taxpayers money and put the Medicare program on a more sustainable path. Read More

Nation’s Editorials Praise House-Passed Medicare Reform

April 09, 2015

Editorials continue to praise House-passed legislation to strengthen the Medicare program...calling the measure “an important marker of progress in the area of entitlement reform.” Read More

“This bill is a big deal”

April 03, 2015

“The bill is a big deal” Valley News writes, along with numerous other editorial boards that are praising the measure. Read More

“A Big Win for the American People”

March 26, 2015

This will be the first real entitlement reform that we’ve seen in nearly two decades. Read More

Boehner Contrasts House’s Balanced Budget with President’s Plan

March 26, 2015

While the president’s plan would be a disaster for working families struggling in this economy, the House plan lays the foundation for more robust economic growth and more jobs. Read More