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Boehner to Senate Democratic Leaders: Senate Must Act Today on House Measure to Prevent Shutdown

September 29, 2013

Speaker Boehner today issued the following statement after receiving word that the Democratic leaders of the U.S. Senate may wait until as late as Monday afternoon to act on House-passed legislation that would prevent a government shutdown. Read More

Boehner Previews House Bill With Spending Cuts & Pro-Growth Reforms to Strengthen Economy

September 26, 2013

Speaker Boehner previewed upcoming House legislation – the Spending Control & Economic Growth Act – that will tie an increase in the debt limit to spending cuts and pro-growth reforms. Read More

Report: Reforms in House Debt Limit Plan Will Grow Economy, Reduce Deficits

September 26, 2013

Speaker Boehner issued the following statement on today’s report from the Joint Economic Committee analyzing the economic & deficit reduction effects of various reforms included in the House’s plan to increase the debt limit. Read More

House Voted to Keep Government Running, Stop ObamaCare; Now #SenateMustAct

September 21, 2013

The House voted to ensure the federal government remains open and to defund the president's health care law. Read More

Speaker Boehner to the U.S. Senate: Fund the Government, Stop ObamaCare

September 20, 2013

Boehner made the following remarks after the House voted to approve a CR that provides funding for the federal government at current levels, & protects the American people from the president’s health care law. Read More

Boehner: Fight to Defund ObamaCare Moving to Senate - Where It Belongs

September 19, 2013

At his weekly press briefing today, Speaker Boehner said the House will pass a plan tomorrow that protects all Americans from the president’s health care law, moving the battle to defund ObamaCare to the Senate. Read More

Boehner Discusses Debt Limit, Defunding ObamaCare

September 18, 2013

At a press conference w/GOP leaders today, Boehner reiterated that, for decades, presidents of both parties have worked with Congress on debt limit legislation that includes spending cuts, & this year should be no different. Read More

JOKES: President Obama Turns to Leno to Sell Failed Agenda

August 05, 2013

When it comes to the president’s performance on the economy, Mr. Leno will surely find no shortage of material, but if he’s looking for ideas worthy of mockery, here are just a few suggestions: Read More

Boehner to President Obama: Stop Mocking Policies that Will Create Jobs, Start Leading on Addressing Spending Crisis

August 01, 2013

Speaker Boehner chided President Obama for mocking policies supported by the American people that will create jobs. Read More

Boehner: We’re Not Just Talking About Jobs, We’re Taking Action

July 31, 2013

At a press conference with Republican leaders today,Speaker Boehner highlighted the House’s continuing action on the Republican jobs plan... Read More