In an interview with CBS Evening News’ Scott Pelley, Speaker Boehner reiterated that the House passed two bills to replace the president’s sequester, and said it is now up to the president and Senate Democrats to take action...

At a press conference with Republican leaders today, Speaker Boehner called on the president to stop using the military as a campaign prop to demand more tax hikes...

Speaker Boehner urged President Obama to stop campaigning and start calling on his Senate to pass a credible plan to avert his sequester.

For this White House, “moving the goal posts” has become quite a common practice.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement after the president’s campaign-style event criticizing his own sequester.

At his weekly press briefing today, Speaker Boehner challenged Senate Democrats to take up and pass President Obama’s agenda for more tax hikes and ‘stimulus’ spending.

Today the White House released a detailed report outlining the consequences of the sequester proposed by and insisted on by President Obama. But the question remains: what is President Obama willing to DO to prevent it?

At a press conference with Republican leaders today, Speaker Boehner discussed President Obama and Senate Democrats’ failure to offer a serious budget or plan to replace the president’s sequester...

Speaker Boehner issued the following statement today on President Obama missing the legally-mandated deadline to submit his budget to Congress for the fourth time in five years.