“This story grows more disturbing with each passing day."

"I am calling on the White House to let Democrats work with us to pass these sanctions in short order."

Speaker Ryan called out the Obama administration for coddling Iran with unprecedented cash ransom payments in exchange for unjustly detained Americans.

The ongoing eight-month saga over the curious case of the Obama administration’s payments to Iran has raised more question than answers.

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan delivered an address to The Economic Club of New York to discuss #BetterWay—a bold agenda to tackle our country’s biggest challenges.

"This administration’s continued policy of strategic patience is clearly not working. We need concrete action, and we need concrete action soon."
Call it whatever you’d like—leverage, a settlement, a coincidence, a quid pro quo—but the American people aren’t fooled. This was the textbook definition of ransom, plain and simple.
According to the Director of National Intelligence, nearly one-third of released detainees return to terrorism

"The president should immediately make full use of the sanctions authorities Congress gave him earlier this year, and he should join me in urging China, as Pyongyang’s chief sponsor, to fully enforce the international sanctions on the Kim regime.”