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The Real Obama Liberal Legacy: Solyndra

August 31, 2016

Next up, Solyndra, the Obama administration’s failed gamble with half a billion dollars of taxpayer money, which filed for bankruptcy 5 years ago this week. Read More

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Candidates Announced

August 31, 2016

Today marks another step forward in the reform of Puerto Rico with the announcement of candidates for the bipartisan oversight board, which will make needed recommendations to turn the territory's finances around. Read More

Free the Dome

August 31, 2016

More than two years ago, work began to completely restore the greatest symbol of democracy in the world—the U.S. Capitol dome. Now, after having thousands of cast-iron cracks fixed, receiving a shiny new coat of paint, and being hidden beneath 52 miles of scaffold pipe, the Dome is almost ready to be freed.  In the 36-second video above, Speaker Ryan and Stephen Ayers, the Architect of the Capitol, take an up-close look at the dome project, which is set to be completed on time and under budget.  Read More

Speaker Ryan on the EU’s Ruling Against Apple

August 30, 2016

Above all, this is yet another reason why we need to fix our tax code. We need more American companies to invest their money and create jobs right here in the United States. Today’s decision should be a spur to action. Read More

The Real Obama Liberal Legacy: Veto of the national defense bill

August 29, 2016

The Real Obama Liberal Legacy is a periodic series to highlight the results of liberal progressivism put into practice. Next up, veto of the national defense bill. We are still a nation at war, but President Obama decided to put domestic pet projects above our troops. Read More