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Speaker Boehner Announces Appointments to the National Women’s History Museum Commission

March 27, 2015

They will also work to make sure America’s story, as told from the perspective of its many great women, is presented with great care and utmost integrity. Read More

Boehner Statement on Sen. Harry Reid’s Retirement Announcement

March 27, 2015

I wish him, his wife Landra, and their entire family all the best in the future. Read More

Dr. Phil Roe to Deliver the Weekly Republican Address

March 27, 2015

As a physician, I know just how important this is to strengthening Medicare for seniors and preserving the program for future generations. Read More

Speaker Boehner Invites Prime Minister Abe of Japan to Address Congress

March 26, 2015

As the United States continues to strengthen our ties with Japan, we look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Abe to the United States Capitol. Read More

The First Real Entitlement Reform In Decades

March 26, 2015

"Today is about a problem much bigger than any ‘doc fix’ or deadline. It’s about solving our spending problem – and it’s about strengthening and saving Medicare." Read More