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Boehner Praises Bipartisan Amtrak Reform Bill

March 04, 2015

This sensible package of reforms will make for a more reliable national passenger rail service – and make sure that Amtrak spends taxpayers’ money in a more responsible way. Read More

Speaker Boehner Signs Selma Gold Medal Legislation

March 04, 2015

“Mile by mile, these men and women changed the face of America. Long may we remember their journey. Long may they remain an example.” Read More

Speaker Boehner on King v. Burwell

March 04, 2015

“While the administration has no alternative, Republicans are discussing thoughtful solutions to help middle-class families and give them more control over their health care. We owe that to all those who have been hurt by this nightmare of a law.” Read More

A Speech The American People Needed To Hear

March 03, 2015

Let me take this moment to personally thank Benjamin Netanyahu. With his presence here, he demonstrated that politics can never come before our commitment to do what’s right for our future. And he again revealed himself to be a leader of principle and deep conviction. It all speaks not only to the kind of leader he is, but to the bonds between America and Israel – bonds that will, with work and sacrifice, long outlast us. Read More

Two More VA Reform Bills Pass The House

March 02, 2015

We must continue doing all we can to deliver the 21st-century health care system our veterans deserve. Read More